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 Inspiration and Beyond
 Stephen James Kinder


“The soul needs to look out at things and find rest and peace and beauty in the things that the eyes are seeing.” Anna Pavord.


 I have always found great comfort and joy in the landscape. This continues to be a great inspiration for my paintings, whether small pieces on location or larger ones in the studio. I am intrigued by the ever-changing weather and seasons, which so dramatically change a locality. My work intends to be a reaction to the essence of a place visited. Often I find I am stopped in my tracks and the place demands a response from me before the light or weather shifts and what I saw changes into something else.

I find the way that light falls across this landscape and creates a particular mood and atmosphere very absorbing as I try and capture that particular moment in time. Some of these places and landscapes I have re-visited time and again and it is through my exploration and reflections that I have developed a deep understanding of the particular places and their character. I work in oil paint mostly on location and my technique could be described as ‘loose and impressionistic’, as well as work on large scale paintings in my studio. I sell my work both nationally and internationally and also work to private commissions . I have several solo shows each year and exhibit in several group shows at both a local and National level. My work is driven by my desire to capture beauty in the best way I can the beauty of places and moment.

I have artwork available through contacting me on this website 

Alternatively I have work at:

Seaview Gallery IOW

Mulberry Tree Gallery, Swanage.

I was the ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Knoll House Hotel, Dorset 2021-22

I teach Art and Photography as my role of Head of Art, St John's School Leatherhead

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