Road to Easter'

For the last few years I have been involved in a group of artists who aim to use art to explore christian messages in a new and original way.  Each project is unique and uses different materials and ways of exhibiting the work to explore themes .

2013 - instillation exploring the 'last supper' - The Disciples have just left in a hurry - one has betrayed us...

2014 - Responses to 'the light of the world' - our own reaction and decision...

2015 - 'The good Samaritan'  - a savour who rescues a desparate soul.

2016 - The potter  - The God of giving second chances

2017 - The Hands of a Servant, The Hands of the Creator

2018 - Dust and Glory


The Good Samaritan - Savour of a desparate soul 2015

The potter - a theme of second chances  2016

2014 Responses to 'The Light of the World'

2013 - The last Supper..left

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